Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bridal Beauty Trish

The beautiful pictures in this blog were provided by Lora Mote.  She and Julie were great to work with.  Trish was such a beautiful bride, I’m sure you would agree.  During her trial she explained how her then fiancĂ© wanted her to look.  We created a look and pretty much nailed it on the first try.  Her wedding colors were a beautiful deep blush pink, so we decided to use a soft pink pallet to compliment.

The day of the wedding everyone was so calm, warm and friendly.  Trish was so relaxed and didn’t seem to have a worry in the world.  As she sat and talked with her mom, I started on her beautiful sister’s hair and makeup.  I tried new colors on her sister, colors she wasn’t used to but she loved it. I love introducing people to colors they didn’t think would work on them.  I then did her gorgeous niece’s hair.  As you see this family has a lot of gorgeous, thick, long hair- a whole lot J. So I made sure to add extra pins, holding and setting spray not to mention it was a misty day. Then I worked on her mom’s hair and makeup. She was absolutely beautiful.  By this time, the rest of her bridal party started to come.  They all were doing their hair and makeup in another area of the house – they were such fun.  It was like a bunch of friend hanging out. The atmosphere was still calm but now a bit more festive.  Lastly, I begin working on Trish.  I curled and set her hair with setting spray and pins because I wanted these curls to last as long as possible. Then I started on her makeup, I used a beautiful light pink on her lid and mix of brown and burgundy in the crease and a soft highlight under her brow. I make sure to flawlessly apply the Gratobian foundation.  I applied a little NARS blush in Orgasm and mix it with a little blush from my MAC pallet because I love to custom mix my colors, especially for my brides. Every look I create is customized for them alone.

When Lora and Julie arrived to take the pictures they said Trish looked like she was photo shopped in real life.  What a compliment!  They were so much fun to work with. They provided a fun and light atmosphere and the result are these stunning photos.

I finished Trish off by applying a light pink lipstick but then I changed it to a deeper burgundy to add a little more pop and plus this was a color I knew would last all day.  I took her hair down and styled it and place the beautiful veil on her head.  By now the Hummer Limo has pulled up and the calm atmosphere turned into excitement and a rush to start loading to get this party started.  I did last minute touch ups on Mom, Sister and Trish.  I wished her well and off she went.  What a great experience.  She is such an amazingly sweet person and I wish her and Damian all the very best life has to offer.

Photographer: Lora Mote Photographer, - 510.541.1031
Makeup Artist: Bridal Beauties by Keisha – – 240-603-1012

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bridal Beauties by Keisha Willis: Bridal Beauty Amber

Bridal Beauties by Keisha Willis: Bridal Beauty Amber:   Rui Barros did such an AMAZING job capturing every aspect of this beautiful wedding.   His photography truly tells the story of Am...

Bridal Beauty Amber


Rui Barros did such an AMAZING job capturing every aspect of this beautiful wedding.  His photography truly tells the story of Amber and Leeval’s  special day. I was so honored to provide the makeup services for Amber on her wedding day! When I initially called her, she was almost in tears because the makeup artist who originally was scheduled to do her makeup was unable to do it and she referred her to me. You see, Amber was in California so she could not do a trial or meet in person. When I spoke to her I assured her she was in good hands because I love weddings just that much.  I will paint the bride’s toes if I need to. She felt a lot better by the end of our conversation.  I could literally hear her sigh of relief.

I arrived at her grandmother’s home early on the morning of her wedding.  Amber was just as adorable in person as she was on the phone.  We designed her look the day of her wedding.  I showed her two different eyes so she could select the one she liked the most. She chose a cream and tan- earthy pallet with a pale pink lip. I used a host of makeup products from Urban Decay, Graftobian, Nars, Dior, MAC, Ben Nye and more.  I made sure to keep Amber very natural looking for she wanted to have very clean makeup because she wasn’t a heavy makeup user.  It took a while to design the look just like so but Amber was so patient and active in the entire process. 

I sincerely love doing weddings to be allowed back stage so speak during such an intimate and special time is such an honor and it was no different at this wedding.  Amber’s mom was very excited and she wanted her little girl’s day to be perfect so she made sure to oversee every aspect of this day.  This is her baby’s big day! Her friends all arrived looking so beautiful in their red dresses makeup and hair already done.  They were there to lend their whole support to Amber.  And they were there to make her laugh when she needed it.  You could just feel the love in this house. As I put the finishing touches on Amber making sure her cheeks were perfectly contoured but natural looking.  I added the perfect shade of blush to make her cheeks stand out.  Rui is capturing every moment of the day but he is so stealth-like that you forget he is there.  I stand back to view her makeup with various light sources to make sure Amber looks flawless from all angles and lighting.  Amber goes out to get dressed.  She returns in this amazing gown that is absolutely breath taking.  Her mother and maid of honor adorn her head with her head piece and veil and it is a perfect combination.  I add the last bit of highlighting to her body to give her a beautiful glow.  Check her one last time to ensure she looks perfect and leave her with a light touch up kit to fix anything she needed to as the day went on.  As you see in the pictures of the day her makeup stayed flawless.

Photographer: Rui Barros Photography, 703-919-3798

Makeup Artist: Bridal Beauties by Keisha Willis, 240-603-1012