Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bridal Beauty Amber


Rui Barros did such an AMAZING job capturing every aspect of this beautiful wedding.  His photography truly tells the story of Amber and Leeval’s  special day. I was so honored to provide the makeup services for Amber on her wedding day! When I initially called her, she was almost in tears because the makeup artist who originally was scheduled to do her makeup was unable to do it and she referred her to me. You see, Amber was in California so she could not do a trial or meet in person. When I spoke to her I assured her she was in good hands because I love weddings just that much.  I will paint the bride’s toes if I need to. She felt a lot better by the end of our conversation.  I could literally hear her sigh of relief.

I arrived at her grandmother’s home early on the morning of her wedding.  Amber was just as adorable in person as she was on the phone.  We designed her look the day of her wedding.  I showed her two different eyes so she could select the one she liked the most. She chose a cream and tan- earthy pallet with a pale pink lip. I used a host of makeup products from Urban Decay, Graftobian, Nars, Dior, MAC, Ben Nye and more.  I made sure to keep Amber very natural looking for she wanted to have very clean makeup because she wasn’t a heavy makeup user.  It took a while to design the look just like so but Amber was so patient and active in the entire process. 

I sincerely love doing weddings to be allowed back stage so speak during such an intimate and special time is such an honor and it was no different at this wedding.  Amber’s mom was very excited and she wanted her little girl’s day to be perfect so she made sure to oversee every aspect of this day.  This is her baby’s big day! Her friends all arrived looking so beautiful in their red dresses makeup and hair already done.  They were there to lend their whole support to Amber.  And they were there to make her laugh when she needed it.  You could just feel the love in this house. As I put the finishing touches on Amber making sure her cheeks were perfectly contoured but natural looking.  I added the perfect shade of blush to make her cheeks stand out.  Rui is capturing every moment of the day but he is so stealth-like that you forget he is there.  I stand back to view her makeup with various light sources to make sure Amber looks flawless from all angles and lighting.  Amber goes out to get dressed.  She returns in this amazing gown that is absolutely breath taking.  Her mother and maid of honor adorn her head with her head piece and veil and it is a perfect combination.  I add the last bit of highlighting to her body to give her a beautiful glow.  Check her one last time to ensure she looks perfect and leave her with a light touch up kit to fix anything she needed to as the day went on.  As you see in the pictures of the day her makeup stayed flawless.

Photographer: Rui Barros Photography, www.RuiBphoto.com 703-919-3798

Makeup Artist: Bridal Beauties by Keisha Willis, www.bridalbeautiesbykeisha.com 240-603-1012


  1. Keisha did an amazing job! I was truly in tears after the prior make-up artist backed out. Keisha set me at ease with her warmth and really came through for me. She made good on all her promises and helped make my day beautiful. She arrived early and immediately got to work. My make-up lasted all day and I received so many compliments throughout it. I definitely recommend her and want to say thanks for helping to make my day better than I ever dreamed. -Amber

    1. Thank you Amber! It was my pleasure to serve you :-)